Lazarus, Fish Bait

Obey Gravity

Obey Gravity, Struggle For Existence, The Deceived, Smashed Ants, Machiavellia, NC


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Fish Bait

This music video uses public domain footage to convey a weird vibe that runs parallel to the song. It is available for download on Vimeo.

Obey Gravity Trailer 1

A music sampler for Obey Gravity to highlight the dynamics of the album. The video utilizes a minimal typographic approach.

Obey Gravity Trailer 2

This is an ambient video made to advertise Obey Gravity. It's minimal approach showcases the album artwork.


Orange Ending is a side project of mine that started in 2005. Many of the songs that I have recorded are over ten years old and most have taken years to write.

All the music on this website can be found for free on this website by clicking the download links in the music section. If you enjoy the songs and want to purchase the music, please visit one of the stores listed in the where to purchase section above.

If you enjoy the music, please tell others about Orange Ending via your favorite social networks so I have a reason to make music in the future. Thanks for your support and time.


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